Monday, May 28, 2012

Limited edition prints coming soon!

so, i have finally decided to start selling limited edition prints of some of my most popular artworks. hooray!!

i am still researching paper types, printing services, and other possibilities. but most likely the average print sizes will be of  8"x 10" or 11" x 14" (depending on size of the original work), and they will come out for $80- $100 each print, depending on size.

these will be limited editions, which means that THEY WILL BE RELEASED ONLY ONCE  by me, the artist, and NEVER AGAIN. for this reason open editions have an importance almost similar to an original artwork. they will be numbered and hand signed, and a certificate of authenticity will accompany each print. the editions will be of only 25 prints.

i will start taking pre orders as soon as i have the details all set up. the first five names to pre order will be granted free shipping.

to start, i will be releasing two different artworks, and i would like to know your thoughts about which pieces you would like to see released as limited editions. poll is available on the top of the blog's sidebar. you can vote in more than one image. the two most voted images will be the first ones to be released.

the candidates are:

The Peacock






and even if you do not plan to buy a print, you still can vote! your opinion will be much appreciated!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

settled in, but not quite.

so, almost one month after having picked up the keys to my new place, i am still struggling to get things flowing the way they are supposed to. baby is still attending school in Seattle, which means i have to share my time between both cities during the whole month of May -- and maybe early June. with all the studio set up in Everett, and only 3 days in the week available for painting, i don't have other choice but continuing in a slow pace until getting definitely out of the limbo.

the Drawing-a-Day project will be put on hold until June. i have 19 more drawings to go!

current projects in progress:

a peacock commission on canvas. pencil drawing soon to be covered in acrylics. this is something very different from my usual direction, but exciting. working on something more ornamental is always a delight.

detail of a commission on paper board with which i have been struggling for quite some time now. :((

the sunset from my rooftop. 


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