Tuesday, June 5, 2012

new website + painting in progress, step by step

so, between commissions, design projects, and weekly 2 and a half hours bus trips to Seattle (this part will finally be over soon), i have been managing to work on some essentials that have been neglected for a while. first, my new website, being completed bit by bit, when i have the time.

new website in the making
graphics on the website are all handmade. (striped curved lines on the left are an effect caused by camera + lighting + computer screen. they do not actually exist.)

working on the graphics for the website.
drawing the graphics.

second, a new exciting personal painting project. i wanted to start experimenting for a commission on masonite i am working on, and thought that i should develop something personal first, using the same style + technique. my idea was to use an imprimatura underpainting instead of my usual multicolor abstract washes and see what would come out.

New piece in progress

i made the imprimatura wash mixing raw sienna and a bit of black. in acrylics, because i had no oils available in that color. the drawing came after. if i hardly follow rules in life, much less in art.

New piece in progress

at this point i was wondering if i would be able to do any tonal study, which is one the things an imprimatura is good for. i never do tonal studies of anything. my painting is pretty much instinctual. it is part of the fun, after all. :)

New piece in progress: oils

i ended up roughly trying the tonal study (notice the darker areas,) but, no patience. i want to go down the rabbit hole. no pencil rendering this time: my oil paints were smiling at me. part of my visual language is never to render my figures in realistic colors. i like them surreal, unnatural, spectral, in grey scales or showing the hues of my underpainting. i used the paints straight from the tube, without mixing with any vehicle. a bit difficult to work on more delicate details, but possible.

New piece in progress: background experimentation

and, because my process is usually chaotic, and because i like to see a bit of each part of the work before finishing others so i can have a glimpse of the final product, i started to study the background before even finishing the face.

New piece in progress: flowers rising

i also started applying the flowers, in acrylics and free brushstrokes.

New piece in progress: face almost complete

the face here is almost all finished. not bad for a first attempt i guess... oils are a fun, flexible, forgiving media, and a perfect substitute for my traditional pencil rendering in surfaces like masonite, wood, and canvas. the imprimatura worked well in its magic of playing with light absorbency, making the face almost luminescent. good good. more as long as the piece progresses. :)


the open edition prints poll is still open. i got samples of papers from the printing service, the prints will come out awesome. i am amazed how Persephone and Duality as disputing the first place in public preference. thanks for your voting, folks!


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