Artist Statement

“Whenever I wanted answers or inspiration for life and art, it was not in the mundane or in the ordinary life that I looked for them, but in the unlimited world of my inner reality. This world, inhabited by mysterious places and people, has its own stories, its own rules, its own wisdom. I am only the storyteller.

I think of my work as a ‘heart talk’, a bridge of colors and energy, a mirror where other souls can see themselves reflected, understood, and sheltered. With the universal, transcendental language of beauty, symbols, and the primeval connections of men with their cosmic origins as sparks of the Divine and children of the Earth, I build my path through my inner soul to others. I have composed my own visual language in a very peculiar way, with a blend of graphite drawing and a colorful, abstract rendering, to reflect the point of contact between the physical/material and the reality of dreams, spirituality, and abstract perceptions. When depicting the human world the enhancement of the graphite drawing plays a key role. In general, graphite is used only in preliminary drawings that remain almost totally covered by other materials during the painting process; I chose to keep and enhance its primeval strength and freshness to symbolize the energy of the human body and its ties to the raw forces of life. My love for the performing arts and the body language, is present in the expressive and theatrical poses and certain elements like the made-up faces and masks. And since my work celebrates life and the human body as a vessel for the Divine, female characters are often the center of the pieces for the universal symbolism of the woman as generator of life. Although they have an intrinsic erotic power, my women are not ‘femme fatales’, but goddesses, creators and sorceresses. They are there to fulfill a function of female empowerment and help to pave the way to a new consciousness, where the masculine and feminine polarities will finally coexist in harmony in the human psyche.”
Frankfort, February 2010


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