Monday, November 30, 2009

blue me + workshop preview

when I got home last weekend and signed in to my Facebook account, I came across to this beautiful thing:

this artwork was made by my lovely and powerful FB friend Lyse Vaille, using one of the pictures of myself I use as a reference for my own work, and that I posted on my page some time ago. it's so delightful and interesting to see ourselves through the perspective of other artists. I particularly enjoyed the blue skin and being surrounded by birds, it's so me! thank you again, Lyse!


focused on the Creative Astrology workshop. initially I was planning to run a different workshop a month, approaching different themes, but after putting some things together I realized that the best to be done is a whole workshop lasting several weeks and covering different, sensitive and important areas of development. each person will have then the opportunity to participate in the whole process and watch his/her own creative development, instead of opting for separate themes. we want wholeness and not fragments.

then this morning I finally got to build the main structure of the workshop, which will last 7 weeks. sounds juicy to me!

Week One:
THE SUN'S PATHWAY: myself as the hero of my own story

Week Two:
THE MOON WITHIN: revering the child and the feminine in me

Week Three:
FROM WHERE I COME, TO WHERE I GO: the Moon Nodes and my life purpose

Week Four:
FOLLOWING SATURN'S STEPS: facing fear, building growth

Week Five:
URANUS CALL: the art of reinventing myself

Week Six:
THE WATERS OF NEPTUNE: going with the flow of my spirit

Week Seven:
PLUTO, THE PHOENIX WITHIN: healing and transforming myself

besides the lessons and usual discussions and art making, I'm also planning to make videos, so you'll have the chance to spice up your lives with a bit of South American accent and eventual broken English. :) hopefully starting this January. excitement!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

back home...

...and finally catching up with my work. here are some pieces in progress:

in progress: Artemis

in progress: Artemis (detail)

Illustration for the "Liquid Dreams" poetry book, by Ricardo Blancas.

in progress: Portrait of Lucy (detail)

Lucy (detail)


Saturday, November 21, 2009

out of town

out of town for one week, no internet. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. give real thanks for your gifts, not only now, but everyday. take care.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

"The Peacock" on the RedBubble home

today was my third appearance on the RedBubble home. have been there before with my Totem #2 and The Divine in Me (below, found by chance around the web... i myself totally ignored that feature.) that's pretty cool!

(i know, I need to post more art on this blog...)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Busy busy + feature feature

A long absence, I know. I've been busy with commissions + workshop, and already planning the next ones! Very refreshing being back to my teaching activities after so long. I must say that I am very very happy and feel very gratified and energized. Thank you to wonderful group for the great energy and insights! I'll be soon posting the mandalas the group has been preparing on my workshops page.


My piece The Divine in Me was featured in the new edition of the Presence journal. Thank you to the publishers, I'm very proud to be part of such an inspiring magazine.


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