Thursday, July 22, 2010

Portrait of Mabel

after this is finished, I am going to take a break of portraits and commissioned art to dedicate myself to design projects. I am in a transitional phase, still experimenting on masonite, trying to accommodate my style and find the best technique. and I am absolutely anxious to finally give form to "O Fortuna".

Monday, July 5, 2010

updates, finally

about two weeks with no updates, not typical... but, aside from working on a commission, I've not been doing much lately, painting-wise. after several weeks pondering the cons and pros, i finally decided to set up a design business with a friend of mine. I worked as a web and graphic designer for a while before coming to US, and at first I was not very enthusiastic to come back to (one of my) former careers, but finally I thought that yes, it could be fun - and profitable. so, in the last days I've been playing around with codes and Photoshop to set up the agency, which i hope to launch within a couple weeks. but don't worry, it does not mean I will be putting my life as a traditional artist aside. in fact, things will get even more exciting, since i will be able to leave my art free and not getting submitted to certain demands in order to make an income. or so I hope.  ;)


about Josie Ratley's help, I thought I should let you know about a change of plans. I've found this website, which belongs to the institution that is helping collect funds for her recovery, and learned that Josie's family has no health care coverage. They are relying on donations to help her daughter to get better. so, I thought that maybe the money raised could be more useful if applied in her treatment instead of a gift. let me know what you think.


one week without internet, folks. take good care of yourselves. and if you are in Memphis TN this weekend, check out the Energizing Radiance show at the Gallery Fifty Six. my Materia Series will be there in flesh. I had planned to go, but I broke a tooth last week and will have to leave a little fortune at the dentist's office -- i.e., the trip money. yes, i am poor. buy my pieces, please. :P


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