Friday, May 27, 2011

Colors in us

I should be packing and mailing my art materials to the Northwest right now since I have now little over than 2 weeks from my move, but the muses govern my life and they act through mysterious ways. Experimentations with abstract underpaintings are not a new thing in my journey but it seems that i am feeling more and more drawn to it, specially since my interest in the ties science + spirituality + art was ignited some time ago. I am fascinated by the concept of color being nothing less than light in different frequencies, and light being the constitution of matter (a cool, nerdy article here.) It is very symbolic to me the representation oh human bodies and faces coming out of colors. Do we have colors in us? Music? The thought of it thrills my heart and make the muses have multiple orgasms. Serious intentions about a series of figurative works mixed with expressionistic abstracts, without a concern with deep conceptualization besides the interaction matter/color/light. New, exciting paths to explore.

Experiment in progress by Patricia Ariel

Experiment in progress
Still untitled. Acrylics and pencils on gessoed masonite.

Abstract, abstract
The abstract underpainting. Pale in my past experiments, getting stronger and more assertive now.

Working on these experiments unleashed something, and have made me feel a lot freer. I think I might have been blocked for several months without a conscience I was really facing a block. Going to write more about this experience and this devil, the artist's block, in one of my next posts.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Pandora by Patricia Ariel
Pandora, a photo by Patricia Ariel on Flickr.

Acrylics, pencil, colored pencil and pastel on illustration board
6 x 6

$80 USD

Thursday, May 19, 2011

War on Women: posters with my art for free download

I have recently signed with the liberal organization Political Loudmouth granting them rights of reproduction of the four images of my Materia Series in posters and merchandise. PL is a non profit group that battles for liberal causes, like gay marriage, legalization of marijuana, planned parenthood, and other important causes that you are likely to embrace if you want a more egalitarian world. More recently they have established a crusade against what is being called here in US the "war on women":  a group of right wing politicians determined in doing a few sweet things like controlling reproductive rights, cutting women's access to cancer screenings, suspending nutritional support for newborn babies, reducing funds for children's' preschool care, and others. The intention: to force women back to the domestic sphere. Unable to control their fertility and forced to stay home to care for their children, women would leave the workforce, reducing competition with men. More: they would be encouraged to marry earlier and reproducing more, thus realizing a "racial reclaiming" of the nation, while children to immigrant mothers (like me) would lose their birthright citizenship. Something reminding you of some sad events from the first decade of the last century?

The first image has been released and can be downloaded for free here. The responses have been awesome some far. Can't wait to see the next posters.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

50% off!!!!

Yes, yes, during all May all my art is 50% off their regular prices. No kidding. Please visit my store on E-crater to see all the pieces still available. And they are going fast.

As some of you may be aware of, I will be moving town very very soon, so I decided to do a studio cleaning. It will be good to have a fresh start also artistically, so I want the pieces to go with the past that turns its back to me slowly. I am a lover of changes, challenges and new beginnings and I have a huge one before me right now. Let's make the best of it.

Half of the Materia Series, Hecate and Witness are still available!!


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