Friday, May 27, 2011

Colors in us

I should be packing and mailing my art materials to the Northwest right now since I have now little over than 2 weeks from my move, but the muses govern my life and they act through mysterious ways. Experimentations with abstract underpaintings are not a new thing in my journey but it seems that i am feeling more and more drawn to it, specially since my interest in the ties science + spirituality + art was ignited some time ago. I am fascinated by the concept of color being nothing less than light in different frequencies, and light being the constitution of matter (a cool, nerdy article here.) It is very symbolic to me the representation oh human bodies and faces coming out of colors. Do we have colors in us? Music? The thought of it thrills my heart and make the muses have multiple orgasms. Serious intentions about a series of figurative works mixed with expressionistic abstracts, without a concern with deep conceptualization besides the interaction matter/color/light. New, exciting paths to explore.

Experiment in progress by Patricia Ariel

Experiment in progress
Still untitled. Acrylics and pencils on gessoed masonite.

Abstract, abstract
The abstract underpainting. Pale in my past experiments, getting stronger and more assertive now.

Working on these experiments unleashed something, and have made me feel a lot freer. I think I might have been blocked for several months without a conscience I was really facing a block. Going to write more about this experience and this devil, the artist's block, in one of my next posts.


Anonymous said...

she's a dream! : )

La Minomalice said...

Hello! I like your blog!! It´s misterious and beautiful.

A greeting from Spain!

Julia said...

Hello Patty! You are moving, how exciting, I have a feeling this new move will be very potent for you. Your art is just what I needed this morning - incredible. I am also in love with The Travelers. Just created a small post on your work,

Much love for a graceful shift,

Julia xxx

Tammie said...

wonderful to see your stages, your light your colors your art come to life. wishing you a move full of grace.

Yael Assia said...

Very interesting to discover your personal / spiritual quest ! The face and the colors are beautiful :)


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