Friday, June 10, 2011

Notebooks in Philippines! (or: Famous and still poor)

So, according to some of my contacts in the beautiful Philippines, I am in all the main bookstores around there. The funny thing is that I didn't know. The story: a company approached me last year inquiring about licensing. After a few days of negotiation, that included a flat fee for use of five images + royalties over items sold, they paid the fee, got the images and never contacted me again. The contract is still here in my hard drive, unsigned. The products are all over the Philippines and God knows where else. I wanted at least  few samples, I love notebooks... :(

I have to admit they did a nice job. I love the details in gold. Images by Ma.Nimfa Ursabia 

This one have some cool details too. Seems to be embossed or something. Image by Armilie Mae


Tammie Lee said...

gorgeous, they are gorgeous. I can only imagine that people will love them and buy them. I hope you end up with royalties.... unless i am misunderstanding, something sounds wrong about this agreement. wishing you the best with this.

Geri Centonze said...

It sounds like they took the artwork and ran! Very sad because they are beautiful works! Oh well...there is such a thing as karma! Hopefully you'll get your just reward. Love your artwork ♥

Patricia Ariel said...

Haha, you are alright, Geri: they took the artwork and ran! i am cool with that, however. seems that they gave me the proper credits, and as far as i know, the notebooks are selling pretty well and giving me lots of exposure. but next time i will be more careful. ;)

Tammie, they look gorgeous indeed! i wish i could have samples at least. royalties were agreed upon, but sadly they disappeared before signing the contract. lesson learned.

Anonymous said...

hi MS pAtrica Ariel =) .., i bought one of those notebooks here in Philippines.i actually searched for your name on the net just to know hu really the artist behind the design. my classmates really admire your designs.. i do endorsed the notebook to them.. where to purchase it.. all i can is that : i love your designs.. and sorry for what the company did to you.. till next tym. keep rockin the art industry and GOD BLESS =).

Yael Assia said...

Can't you ask a lawyer ? Indeed it's really a gorgeous job... with an almost free royalty art :/ At least they could send you 2 or 3 dozen of exemples. Argh.


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