Friday, December 16, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

NEW original drawings on sale!

NEW 9" x 12" original drawings, hand signed and matted, for just $90 + shipping. New pieces will be added [almost] everyday. But hurry, it is only until December 20th!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Challenges and prizes.

November was a challenging month. particularly the last two weeks. it started with the Inscape open house, which, in the last minute, i almost quit participating due to the complete chaos and uncertainty about my own process. the studio sleepover, when i worked 10 hours non-stop, just made me exhausted and disappointed with myself. i was unable to complete half of what i had planned. finally i decided to open the studio for the visitors even with few pieces completed. and it was totally worthy: i received invites for two shows and "Sheltering Ghosts", the piece i hang in the foyer group exhibition was very well received.

"Sheltering Ghosts", hanging on the Inscape foyer.

then, in less than two weeks, i had to get ready for the Forgotten Goddess in LA, Bherd Gallery and Rock the Terminal, in Seattle. and all the crazy conflicts with my technique of acrylic on panel kept going. i had decided that i didn't want any graphite that time, and there was no way to achieve the texture i was looking for using pure acrylic! and there was no time to cry and stomp feet like a temperamental artist. show must go on... and then as a last resource i came into an art supplies store and left with three 12 x 24 stretched canvases. 

pure joy. :)))))

it was an amazing shift in my work in less than two weeks.

after i dropped off the last pieces in the last gallery, as soon as i get home, i just sat and cried for several minutes. i had won a challenge and a lot of understanding about my art, my current moment and what is really important for me right now. and most of all, i thanked the Supreme Intelligence for all the network of support i have around me, all the fantastic people who push me forward and the love of my boyfriend and my daughter, remembering me all the time where lay the most important things of life.

and on Saturday, time to have fun on the Rock the Terminal - ANT Gallery opening!

I participated with two 12" x 12" pieces (called "Dialogues") since I was included a little late to the line up and they didn't have a lot of wall space left for bigger works. (I wish the had placed the works side by side, but that worked too.)

Moi taking care of myself (the beer was great!!) and my loyal sidekick, who was always cheering me up with her excitement and positive attitude every time i got messed up.


There are people asking me if i am abandoning my works on pencil. The answer is "no". I love working with graphite and i am a way better drawer than painter, so stopping my pencil work just because i am excited with new toys is almost like shooting my own feet. As a matter of fact i am seriously planning to start new series of pencil works on paper. Painting on canvas became a delight (old followers must remember how i used to curse the canvas in the past,) and i am excited and grateful for achieving such degree of versatility. The most tools i have to give voice to my inner universe, the better. :)

(by the way, posting images of the new works soon!)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Serpent's Stratagem

The Serpent's Stratagem

Acrylics and pencil on panel
12 x 12


If Only Tonight We Could Sleep

If Only Tonight We Could Sleep

Acrylics and pencil on paper
8 x 11


Certain Destinations Are Inevitable

Certain Destinations Are Inevitable

Acrylics and pencil on paper
8 x 11


oh, yeah.

back to the old blog layout. that dynamic thing didn't work out very well. hard to see my favorite blogs.

now just need to fix this layout. it is a bit messy and with too many horizontal lines.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To Drown a Rose

One of my good friends and collectors observed recently that my images have gained an air of "slight melancholy", and I agree. in the last months, since I started to dive deeper into the abstract/figurative technique, I have totally let the abstract dictate the tone of the paintings, and the process has become almost 80% intuition. that makes me think about what is being released from my heart in the last months. my interpretation of "To Drown a Rose" (title of one of my favorite Death in June songs, although the painting itself has not been inspired on the song) is this desire of killing pain and transform in beauty.


last weekend i did a live drawing presentation at the Seattle Central District Artwalk. unfortunately I could not get there in time to enjoy the entire event, but had time enough for a bit of fun. it was a beautiful sunny and chilly afternoon and i loved to spread my drop cloth outside and make some art while listening to some good live music. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

she dreams in blue

And she dreams in blue... Highlighting...

working hard to rebuild my inventory after selling almost all my stuff before coming to Seattle.


shot of my Saturday students doing contour drawing of a ball of crumpled paper. don't try at home.


i miss my yoga classes and i miss my bike rides. living in a city where bikers are everywhere, that is also a shame.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

accepting registrations!

Flyer for my Drawing & Painting classes

So, after a whole month getting settled in the new studio, I am finally accepting registrations for my drawing and painting classes! If you live in the Seattle area and want to get initiated in drawing and painting, or even if you are a practicing artist but would like to experience new ways to see and make art, you are very welcome. Minimum age is 8 years old, first class is free and all materials for use in the studio are included. Please visit the studio website for more info:

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011



Acrylics, oil based pencil and watersoluble pencil on gessoed hardboard
14 x 18

$800 USD

Temporal means "storm" in Portuguese.



Acrylics, oil based pencil and watersoluble pencil on gessoed hardboard
16 x 20

$1,000 USD



Acrylics, oil based pencil and watersoluble pencil on gessoed hardboard
14 x 18

$800 USD

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A dream come true

yes, i have not been quiet since i came to the Emerald City. and now i am finally seeing a dream coming true: my own private studio space!!

after looking for almost one month, I finally found this great space at the 1st floor of the Inscape building, in the Intl District, Seattle. it is cozy. it is well lit. it is perfect for all i have in mind. and it has green things outside! some minor things to be fixed, but not a big deal at all. my plans are to transform it in a place of celebration of the communion art + spirit. some workshops are already being designed to start very soon. stay tuned!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Raw Artists Showcase Seattle - July 2011 - Illuminare

My Seattle debut was nothing less than awesome and lots of fun! Unfortunately I had enough time to produce only 4 pieces (and in 12 days that was a record,) but very well received and praised, which was a great happiness. I had a great time not only enjoying the lively atmosphere but performing my first live painting presentation. Painting in public is fun, but feels a bit weird; the sensation is of feeling your creativity a bit restrained with so many people looking at you. Didn't do bad though and look forward for the next experience, which won't be long. Thanks to the Raw Artists organizers for being so sweet, attentive and dedicated to such a high level event, so pleasing for both artists and audience. I just loved to be there!!

Some pics of the event:

Moi and my first made in Seattle kids.

Working hard.

As soon as I have access to a decent scanner I will officially publish the new pieces, representatives of my new direction. :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

peeks for the Illuminare show...


Temporal in progress

Third Eye - in progress

Temporal - almost done...

From graphic and "illustrative" to loose and more pictorial, my work has suffered such a dramatic change in the past few months. Truth is that this has been an announced and very desired change, which I have been working hard to get to. Since works like Study for Woman's Head, Waterlily and others i have been pursuing a more hybrid mix of abstracts and figurativism, almost like if both things were one. Abstract painting is very linked to the spiritual in a more energetic, idealized sense, and my goal to mix the human figure to this spiritual dimension is reaching a more "tangible" point in this new phase. I think I am also achieving a more defined identity and my work is gaining a bit more of a character. :)

Monday, June 27, 2011


WHEN: Thursday, July 7, 2011 @ 8:00PM
WHERE: iMusic | 332 5th Avenue | Seattle, WA 98109
DETAILS: 21+ event. Cocktail attire. Tickets are $10 via presale.
(When buying your ticket, please select my name from the dropdown menu on the right and let me know! My supporters will receive thank you gifts and a surprise gift will be drawn  -- possibly an original painting.)

Patricia Ariel - yay! (Art)
Hauting Art (Art)
Melissa Damien (Photography)
Ryan Doran (Art)
Oleaje Flamenco (Music)
EP Holcomb (Art)
Sister Kate (Performing Art)
Kree (Music)
Thomas Krueger (Photography)
Jenny Littleton (Hair + Makeup)
Xavier Lopez (Art)
Bella Luna (Art)
Susan Sage (Art)
Vinnie Spean (Art)
Brandon Vosika (Art)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Notebooks in Philippines! (or: Famous and still poor)

So, according to some of my contacts in the beautiful Philippines, I am in all the main bookstores around there. The funny thing is that I didn't know. The story: a company approached me last year inquiring about licensing. After a few days of negotiation, that included a flat fee for use of five images + royalties over items sold, they paid the fee, got the images and never contacted me again. The contract is still here in my hard drive, unsigned. The products are all over the Philippines and God knows where else. I wanted at least  few samples, I love notebooks... :(

I have to admit they did a nice job. I love the details in gold. Images by Ma.Nimfa Ursabia 

This one have some cool details too. Seems to be embossed or something. Image by Armilie Mae


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