Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To Drown a Rose

One of my good friends and collectors observed recently that my images have gained an air of "slight melancholy", and I agree. in the last months, since I started to dive deeper into the abstract/figurative technique, I have totally let the abstract dictate the tone of the paintings, and the process has become almost 80% intuition. that makes me think about what is being released from my heart in the last months. my interpretation of "To Drown a Rose" (title of one of my favorite Death in June songs, although the painting itself has not been inspired on the song) is this desire of killing pain and transform in beauty.


last weekend i did a live drawing presentation at the Seattle Central District Artwalk. unfortunately I could not get there in time to enjoy the entire event, but had time enough for a bit of fun. it was a beautiful sunny and chilly afternoon and i loved to spread my drop cloth outside and make some art while listening to some good live music. 

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