Friday, February 25, 2011

slowly but surely

the last weeks have found me very prolific, although i have been doing things in a very chaotic manner. i have been dedicating good part of my time to my art direction work for the lingerie company, which is bringing me great satisfaction and excitement. it is bothering me that i am not really seeing a lot of my independent production finished, and my online presence is being sort of neglected lately. i really apologize for all the unanswered emails, messages and comments. the day is just too short, the energy runs out sooner that desired and my time on the computer really has to be limited to what really matters (my migraines have killed me). as soon as i can afford it i need to hire an assistant. my slow rhythm and inability to get organized is not really being compatible with all the stuff i need to accomplish and to the very rhythm of my own muses.

so lately i have been doing these...

The Travelers

The Travelers, acrylics and pencil on masonite board. this work is going very, very slowly. i am experimenting, savoring the work, living every second of it since there is a lot of emotional involvement. not sure if it is going for sale either. my heart is in it.

Sunny [illustration]

Sunny, pencil on bristol board. more experimentation on new languages of illustration.

Changing Woman - 2nd version

Changing Woman, illustration for the project of the same name. this is the second version, and i am happier; probably going to stick with it. this is a project i have been growing inside me for a while and giving birth slowly. going to tell more about it soon!

Monday, February 7, 2011

hello again, fashion world

i am getting ready to start a project on art direction for a fashion company. i am very excited with this new possibility and, of course, getting very inspired to come into the world of commercial illustration. few people know, but i have a background in fashion, and although i have my reservations and a political posture toward the fashion world, i am often fascinated by the creativity and beauty of fashion photography and illustration.

untitled: a work in progress

untitled: a work in progress

that's being a lot of fun, not mentioning that it is  lovely to exercise my Aubrey Beardsley influences...


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