Monday, February 7, 2011

hello again, fashion world

i am getting ready to start a project on art direction for a fashion company. i am very excited with this new possibility and, of course, getting very inspired to come into the world of commercial illustration. few people know, but i have a background in fashion, and although i have my reservations and a political posture toward the fashion world, i am often fascinated by the creativity and beauty of fashion photography and illustration.

untitled: a work in progress

untitled: a work in progress

that's being a lot of fun, not mentioning that it is  lovely to exercise my Aubrey Beardsley influences...


An~Ko said...

That's it! 6 weeks till the project is published?! =p
Awesome drawing Patricia!

jbkrost said...

These are really amazing!!
they just flow, its too bad that the canvas ends, they seem like they should go on forever


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