Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Challenges and prizes.

November was a challenging month. particularly the last two weeks. it started with the Inscape open house, which, in the last minute, i almost quit participating due to the complete chaos and uncertainty about my own process. the studio sleepover, when i worked 10 hours non-stop, just made me exhausted and disappointed with myself. i was unable to complete half of what i had planned. finally i decided to open the studio for the visitors even with few pieces completed. and it was totally worthy: i received invites for two shows and "Sheltering Ghosts", the piece i hang in the foyer group exhibition was very well received.

"Sheltering Ghosts", hanging on the Inscape foyer.

then, in less than two weeks, i had to get ready for the Forgotten Goddess in LA, Bherd Gallery and Rock the Terminal, in Seattle. and all the crazy conflicts with my technique of acrylic on panel kept going. i had decided that i didn't want any graphite that time, and there was no way to achieve the texture i was looking for using pure acrylic! and there was no time to cry and stomp feet like a temperamental artist. show must go on... and then as a last resource i came into an art supplies store and left with three 12 x 24 stretched canvases. 

pure joy. :)))))

it was an amazing shift in my work in less than two weeks.

after i dropped off the last pieces in the last gallery, as soon as i get home, i just sat and cried for several minutes. i had won a challenge and a lot of understanding about my art, my current moment and what is really important for me right now. and most of all, i thanked the Supreme Intelligence for all the network of support i have around me, all the fantastic people who push me forward and the love of my boyfriend and my daughter, remembering me all the time where lay the most important things of life.

and on Saturday, time to have fun on the Rock the Terminal - ANT Gallery opening!

I participated with two 12" x 12" pieces (called "Dialogues") since I was included a little late to the line up and they didn't have a lot of wall space left for bigger works. (I wish the had placed the works side by side, but that worked too.)

Moi taking care of myself (the beer was great!!) and my loyal sidekick, who was always cheering me up with her excitement and positive attitude every time i got messed up.


There are people asking me if i am abandoning my works on pencil. The answer is "no". I love working with graphite and i am a way better drawer than painter, so stopping my pencil work just because i am excited with new toys is almost like shooting my own feet. As a matter of fact i am seriously planning to start new series of pencil works on paper. Painting on canvas became a delight (old followers must remember how i used to curse the canvas in the past,) and i am excited and grateful for achieving such degree of versatility. The most tools i have to give voice to my inner universe, the better. :)

(by the way, posting images of the new works soon!)


Andy Noid said...

Really lovely work. Congradulations.

MoonSpiral said...

You know I find all the time when I am pushing myself and trying to paint non-stop the best thing to do is quit and rest for a moment. If I don't I always start screwing things up and getting frustrated. The creative muse just doesn't like to be fenced in or told what to do does she? I am glad you got through it and found your groove, you know I think you are a rock star!

Patricia Ariel said...

thank you, @Andy! glad you enjoy it!!

@Tammie dear, that's absolutely true. our eyes need a moment to rest and being able to evaluate the work in a fresher manner. this is why i like to work in more of one piece at the same time. i have screwed up many times out of frustration, and then, looking back at registers of the same work [progress pics] i see how stupid i was for spoiling a good work. the muses definitely need freedom! you are super sweet about the rock star thing, but when i realize the much i still have to walk to start considering myself a good artist i feel like drinking a whole bottle of tequila.


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