Sunday, July 10, 2011

Raw Artists Showcase Seattle - July 2011 - Illuminare

My Seattle debut was nothing less than awesome and lots of fun! Unfortunately I had enough time to produce only 4 pieces (and in 12 days that was a record,) but very well received and praised, which was a great happiness. I had a great time not only enjoying the lively atmosphere but performing my first live painting presentation. Painting in public is fun, but feels a bit weird; the sensation is of feeling your creativity a bit restrained with so many people looking at you. Didn't do bad though and look forward for the next experience, which won't be long. Thanks to the Raw Artists organizers for being so sweet, attentive and dedicated to such a high level event, so pleasing for both artists and audience. I just loved to be there!!

Some pics of the event:

Moi and my first made in Seattle kids.

Working hard.

As soon as I have access to a decent scanner I will officially publish the new pieces, representatives of my new direction. :)

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MoonSpiral said...

I can't believe you painted those 4paintings in 12 days. You must be on a creative high. The show looks like it was a lot of fun, congratulations!


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