Thursday, July 22, 2010

Portrait of Mabel

after this is finished, I am going to take a break of portraits and commissioned art to dedicate myself to design projects. I am in a transitional phase, still experimenting on masonite, trying to accommodate my style and find the best technique. and I am absolutely anxious to finally give form to "O Fortuna".


Suzi Smith said...

Good luck with your design work... and the masonite! I'm sure your art will soon take on a new freshness... there is a big difference between art to earn money & for the pure love of it, however much you love what you do. Go for it!

Healing Woman said...

Mabel is wonderful as is all of your work. I have been an artist all my life and I love where it has taken me. I wouldn't trade that life for the world. Good luck and keep us all posted!

Erika said...

Beautiful work as always Ariel.
And your O Fortuna idea is just amazing, I've taken a look at it and it looks so interesting so far. Good luck with everything you do :D

Janine said...

So lovely! Good to see you back!

Tammie said...

gorgeous piece
wishing you the best during your
breaks and transitions

Anonymous said...

wow! you are really good! i especially love the second one.


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