Thursday, March 11, 2010

O Fortuna - the project

the idea of developing a body of work representing imaginary characters is not new in my mind. as a former theater person, I wanted to give birth to those characters myself, feeling them not only with my imagination and brushes, but also with my body. when the 10th Tarot Arcane, The Wheel of Fortune, popped in my mind, I knew I had a lot to explore on the theme of transitoriety of life and its cyclical character.

O Fortuna is a project I'm developing with the collaboration of some talented friends of mine. My idea is to join photography, performance, music, design, video, text, and of course, fine arts. so far I don't have an action plan totally set up, just the thought of creating a website to integrate all those languages under the same theme. let's see what's going to unfold during the process! the first step was already taken: the creation of a reference photo shoot that would allow me to penetrate into that universe. all photos were made by my friend David Soileau at his house. David is a totally sweet person, and as a fine artist himself, he had the sensitivity to capture the best lines and to create an atmosphere totally suitable to the germination of my ideas. he's very good with little kids too! 

O Fortuna

O Fortuna

O Fortuna

more sneak peak photos here.

O Fortuna
velut luna
statu variabilis,
semper crescis
aut decrescis;
vita detestabilis
nunc obdurat
et tunc curat
ludo mentis aciem,
dissolvit ut glaciem.

O Fortune,
just as the moon
Stands constantly changing,
always increasing
or decreasing;
Detestable life
now difficult
and then easy
Deceptive sharp mind;
it melts them like ice.


ColeAndJosephine said...

This should be really interesting. I love collaborations. Working with other people pushes you to be your best.

Good luck!

A mermaid in the attic said...

Sounds fascinating Patricia. As an ex-Theatre Major and an ex-singer (non-professional...but you're never really an EX-singer, but it's mostly in the shower these days!) I LOVE the idea of collaborations between the arts...I've always had this dream of finding the 'perfect' artform that somehow encompasses everything! Good luck with the project!

Ariel. said...

thank you, dear ones! i am pretty excited with the project and can't wait to start the paintings!

ColeAndJosephine: yeah, it's always interesting to see what people will come up with under a certain theme. you are totally alright, i hope i don't disappoint!

Mermaid: wow, so cool to know you are into the performing arts too! i've been away from the stage since 10 years ago, miss it so much! at least making these pictures helped me to feel the old flame again... who knows we can't do something together anytime?


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