Friday, March 19, 2010

Alchemy - Portrait of Julia & Tony

Mixed Media (Acrylics, watercolor, pastel and graphite on paperboard)
14 x 11 in
Private commission

Julia and Tony are a couple of lightworkers who have been working together in the fields of healing and teaching. Their synastry chart shows a strong Aquarius energy, fully embed in freedom, dynamism and idealism. The strong blue background was something I had saw immediately when Julia sent me the pictures for the portrait, so I attempted to build it based on that vibration of spirituality and spaciousness. Their tarot arcane based on their numerology is "The Temperance", which signifies a perfect union of two forces toward a common objective - a perfect alchemy. Therefore I used some of the elements in the Temperance card, like the water flowing (which is also a symbol of spirituality and psychic work), and simplified the symbolism of the angel with two translucent and vibrant wings (also a symbol for the Aquarian freedom) "embracing" the couple. The mandala at the top represents the union of their traditions - Celtic and Shamanic. By their sides, their animals totems, and in the center, the Fire as another symbol for alchemy, transformation, and primordial creativity.

To check out their wonderful work, please visit Julia and Tony's website.


Janine said...


I hope you will be teaching a class using symbolism! I would really love to be included!

Ariel. said...

hi Janine dear! symbolism is a very very broad subject, but this is a nice idea i might consider for the future. I am dying here to teach, but seriously, so far i'm not feeling very motivated to start preparing all that writing material again... :(
thinking about teaching live classes though, which will require more inspiration and energy, but less writing...


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