Monday, November 30, 2009

blue me + workshop preview

when I got home last weekend and signed in to my Facebook account, I came across to this beautiful thing:

this artwork was made by my lovely and powerful FB friend Lyse Vaille, using one of the pictures of myself I use as a reference for my own work, and that I posted on my page some time ago. it's so delightful and interesting to see ourselves through the perspective of other artists. I particularly enjoyed the blue skin and being surrounded by birds, it's so me! thank you again, Lyse!


focused on the Creative Astrology workshop. initially I was planning to run a different workshop a month, approaching different themes, but after putting some things together I realized that the best to be done is a whole workshop lasting several weeks and covering different, sensitive and important areas of development. each person will have then the opportunity to participate in the whole process and watch his/her own creative development, instead of opting for separate themes. we want wholeness and not fragments.

then this morning I finally got to build the main structure of the workshop, which will last 7 weeks. sounds juicy to me!

Week One:
THE SUN'S PATHWAY: myself as the hero of my own story

Week Two:
THE MOON WITHIN: revering the child and the feminine in me

Week Three:
FROM WHERE I COME, TO WHERE I GO: the Moon Nodes and my life purpose

Week Four:
FOLLOWING SATURN'S STEPS: facing fear, building growth

Week Five:
URANUS CALL: the art of reinventing myself

Week Six:
THE WATERS OF NEPTUNE: going with the flow of my spirit

Week Seven:
PLUTO, THE PHOENIX WITHIN: healing and transforming myself

besides the lessons and usual discussions and art making, I'm also planning to make videos, so you'll have the chance to spice up your lives with a bit of South American accent and eventual broken English. :) hopefully starting this January. excitement!


Jasmine said...

I love the Blue you. It feels like a Hindu Deity.

The workshop sounds awesome. My mother-in-law was going to let me choose my own present this Christmas. I had earmarked a few art materials (mostly wool and hat blocks) but now that I know your course will be running I may have to do that instead. Do you know how much the course will cost yet?

Janine said...

That is a beautiful piece of art!

I am looking forward to your classes!

Ariel. said...

glad you liked the themes for the next workshop. I didn't start announcing it yet, but the details are already on the Artessence page. the price for the 7 weeks is $80.00, but I'm going to reserve 2 places for a symbolic price of $10.00 -- don't want people out of my workshops because of money issues.

Jasmine: yeah, I loved the blue skin too! she gave me a good idea for a next self portrait.

Tammie Lee said...

this artwork is is fantastic and enchanting, such an honor that she did this of you. I'll take a peak at your workshop and see if it is for me. It sounds like a wonderful exploration.


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