Sunday, December 14, 2008

a fresh start

I've been experimenting a lot in these last couple of months, trying to achieve some balance between colors, abstract shapes, compositions, figures and themes. after a lot of effort, wasted paper and paints, and even some mischievous hands destroying boards with fresh paint on, I think I could get something valid, at least for myself.

it's not easy to make Abstractionism. mainly when you've been a "slave" of figurative art for your whole life. I don't really consider what I've been doing as a pure form of Abstractionism, but rather as a decorative attempt to merge my figures into a reality that is not palpable or concrete. when you work in an abstract dimension, you need to let intuition be your guide. your need to keep yourself open to what your unconscious is willing to show you. I had a hard time trying to make my hands available to my inner depths. my rational side still gets the best of me. I don't think I am that open wide yet, but I keep on trying, humbly.

about the figures, my goal is to bring them more expressiveness and enhance the body language. like ballet. movement and gesture are important, are part of the picture simbology. to achieve what I am after, I've been posing for myself (and reviving my old body expression coach times...) , but since my body is not as flexible or slim as before, some poses I imagine become somewhat hard to achieve. I've been doing my best though.

my themes continue the same, since it's what I am really into and what I really enjoy doing. to explore metaphysical themes, myths, archetypes, folklore, the human mind. the field is fascinating and almost infinite.

that's it... I hope you enjoy my musings and my creative efforts.

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