Sunday, March 29, 2009

some plans.

thinking about creating some small paintings that don't require much time to get done. my usual paintings take about 2 weeks to be completed, and this of course influence in their prices. if I make smaller and quicker paintings, I can charge much less. my bigger pieces cost between $380 and $450, depending mostly on the time I spend in each one. since I'm just starting off in the market, I don't believe I can charge much more.

I started to experiment today, on watercolor paper. I'm not very sure yet about what I'm going to paint. not very complex themes though. maybe just faces, ornamental abstracts, some surrealism, who knows. I'm going to spend the week with my in-laws, and since when I'm there I don't need to worry about anything but taking care of my daughter, I may come back home with something new. the big panels will stay home waiting, I don't want to take the whole art paraphernalia with me for a trip. only the watercolor pad and box, 3 or 4 brushes and pencils, and books - got some new ones a few weeks ago and just had the chance to barely open them. and, of course, since we'll have free baby sitter, going to the movies!!! boy, I even forgot what a movie theater smells like. and God, I NEED to see Watchmen.

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Anonymous said...

Oi, Patrícia,
Estive vendo tuas pinturas e fiquei mesmo “mesmerizada” pelas cores, pela qualidade do desenho, -oh, beautiful, beautiful,- e pela escolha dos temas. Aí fiquei sabendo que você é uma artista profissional. Tua obra é maravilhosa e vou entrar sempre no teu blog pra te acompanhar. Você é muito generosa com seu trabalho. É fantástico ver sua obra in progress e ver como funciona sua sensibilidade no processo de fazer. Thanks por compartilhar.
Aqui você disse que vai experimentar papel de aquarela? E as Hecate e Totem e outras, estão pintadas sobre que? Não é papel? Ou não é aquarela? Mando um grande abraço, Nelly


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