Sunday, June 7, 2009

watercolors on sale and getting ready for the Solstice

the spirit of the Solstice and of my coming birthday descended over me and I decided to cut off on the prices of my watercolor on paper paintings and commissioned portraits. the paintings are now listed at $60 each (old price: $100 - 120.) I really want them to go. the comissioned astroportraits cost now $200, 9 x 12, full color (it was $230). but notice that I'll be accepting commissions of portraits just from mid July.

I'm also thinking what will be my Summer Solstice present to all the ones that watch my work, either here, on Facebook, Twitter, or on my mailing list. I intend to raffle a gift among my friends and watchers every season, and this first one will be something special, promise. ;)


I decided to discontinue the direct sales of open edition prints. all the process of hiring a printing service, picking up the job, bring it home for handling, then going to the post office for shipping, was not really paying off. from now on all my prints will be handled by RedBubble and Imagekind. if you want them signed, just send it to me with a prepaid envelope, so I can send it back to you with a little love! if in the future people get interested in limited editions, I'll be willing to do it depending on how many people manifest their interest.


as I predicted, my Ebay auctions were not successful. I'm thinking on trying again, although I still cannot start my prices at $9.99...

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