Monday, October 19, 2009

Solstice Giveaway + Workshop

my next Solstice Giveaway is going to be a little different from the last one. prize continues being a 8 x 11 color portrait, but from now one I'm asking for a symbolic $3.00 for your participation. why? because I decided to make of this a good occasion to collect donations for a charity organization or even a person in need. so now you can buy as many numbers you want, increasing your chances to win, and also transfer the prize to another person, as you wish. :)

charity still to be announced. it may varies between a donation in money to an organization and a bag of groceries, depending on the amount of money I will be able to collect. again, overseas winner will have only the digital version of the portrait, at least willing to pay for the shipping (sorry for that once again, folks..)

I will be soon placing a link on the blog's sidebar to my PayPal account, so numbers can be safely purchased.  drawing will happen on December 8th, so you have plenty of time to participate.


If you enjoy astrology and have interest to know a bit more about how it works,while finding out more about yourself and  yet sparking your creativity, you may enjoy Creative Astrology. this workshop was designed to help you understand the astrological language in an intutitive way, taking your own birth chart as a reference, and learning how to recognize the astrological symbolism inside yourself and in the world around you. this workshop is not intended to be a complete course on astrology, which would demand many months of apprenticeship and a different learning approach, but to give you a glimpse of how it is based upon and how you can see it in action in your life. as a complement you'll learn how to build a mandala journal and connect the mandala imagery to your chart and personal experience. more details here.

Creative Astrology is an online workshop, and can be attended by anybody with a computer connected to the internet and a device for capturing images (camera, scanner, cell phone, etc) The first edition will approach the four elements in astrology, and, as it is an experimental workshop, is being offered for free. however, only 12 spaces are available. if you are interested, please leave a comment here with your name or alias and an active email to enroll. workshop starts on November 2nd and lasts 10 days.


Delphyne said...

Wow - this is so generous of you, Ariel. I would like to participate if there is enough room!

Jasmine said...

Ariel, /I would love to do this workshop.

Really good idea about solstice give away for charity donations :)

Ariel. said...

I like to offer stuff like that from times to times. in fact, the giveaway idea was a gift to my supporters. you have no idea about how much love I receive from people everyday, had to find a way to give some back. now I think that I can use it to help other people too, this is why I decided to charge a symbolic donation.

Jasmine, if you don't mind, I'm going to post your name and email on the comment box, on my workshops page. so people will see that the spaces are being filled up and know if I still have room for them.

Delphyne, if you wish to participate in the workshop, I need you to post your name and email on my workshops page. thank you, dear!

Delphyne said...

I must be blind, Ariel, but I cannot see the workshop link/page on your site. You can post me as Delphyne, email or direct me to the workshop page.

Thanks so much!

Delphyne said...

Never mind, Ariel - I found the link. The printing is so small and the type so light that I didn't catch it until I changed the font.

I did put my name in the comments of the other site.

Jasmine said...

Thats wonderful Patricia, thank you very much :)


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