Thursday, January 14, 2010

Espèrance (Hope)

Espèrance (Hope)
Watercolor, gouache, and graphite on board
6 x 6

I spent most of my day preparing this painting. it is a hispaniolan trogon, the national bird of Haiti. CafePress is accepting donations of designs for a store they set up just to help Haiti, and I made the painting with that in mind. painting a sweet symbol like this cute bird helped to fill up my heart with love and send it to the brothers and sisters in Haiti, who are passing through that terrible probation. everywhere people are mobilizing to help in every possible way. the world is becoming more fraternal, in spite of some idiots that still insist in sowing intolerance and hate. thinking about it I wrote the word "hope" in many idioms around the painting to compose the design.

here's the design. I hope they select it for the store.

  the original painting is for sale. money will be sent to one of the organizations that are providing relief to Haiti.


Janine said...

It is beautiful!

smallnotez said...

beautiful, blogwalking friend

Jasmine said...

This is such a beautiful work, and so generous of you. Will you be selling prints as well as the original?

Lesley said...

They would be crazy not to select it. Gorgeous!


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