Tuesday, November 2, 2010

this unrest

Revelation [work in progress]
(to be aborted, or improved maybe... who knows...)

last week i was organizing my pieces in year of completion, in order to put on the new website, and noticed how awfully prolific i was last year. 2010 has not been the same. maybe because of some personal problems, which has been put me away for the easel and made me spend time concerned with practical matters; maybe because of this unrest inside me that is continuously pushing me toward new ways to express myself.

in the last months i've been trying to pursue a style that is at the same time loose and rendered. i've been also wanted to dive into a more intuitive, less planned and left-brain oriented type of painting, which, for me, is easier to achieve when i start working with an underpainting composed of careless layers of paint and loose brush strokes; the shapes and colors generated by the underpainting will pretty much define the feel and the general subject of the painting. also, this method most of the times fixes the problem of the backgrounds - i never know what to do with backgrounds. i am also seeking to decrease the excess of ornamental abstracts and bring the focus more to the overall symbolism of the painting and the body -- an ancient intention that i have never been able to put into practice efficiently.

the wip above is a painting i've been preparing in the last days for the Nude show, in Lexington KY. deadline is super tight and i don't know if i will be able to make it. it plays with the concept of inner nudity - heart and soul - rather than literal body nudity. i like it immensely how the figure is coming out. however, the background is totally killing me because it is pretty much 50% of the canvas area (the photo shows only the center.) i'd better find a convincing solution until Thursday!

i need to allow me a little bit of serenity. and more hours spent in the sketchbook drawing loosely and without commitment with results, this big perpetrator of artistic blocks.


Tammie said...

I always enjoy hearing about your process. I am a new artist.... still I have the same situation. I tend to focus on a face and then where will it go and what is the background about. I trust it will come to you. Every piece you do is incredible.

Lori Saul said...

Your art leaves me breathless. This is so full of beauty and symbolism yet it is subtle and delicate. Wonderful art!

jbkrost said...

This is wonderful!!
love the work

Martine said...

This is great work Ariel..............

MoonSpiral said...

haha, I am working on one right now that I thought about submitting to the Nude show....but no way I will have it done by...uh...today! You have plenty of others you should submit though, I would love to see you in one of the LAL shows. You would rock their world sister :)

Matt Dickson said...

super cool

Ariel. said...

thank you all for your kind comments and support! i will be redoing this piece as soon as possible, since i deliberately missed the deadline for the show...

@Tammie: my focus has been
always the figure, so fascinated i am by the human body and its language and shape. so far i have found easier to build the background first and then include the figure. i just go with what the background asks me to. it is more fun too -- and always pretty revealing. i think i have found what i wanted. thank you for your thoughts!

@Tammy: no Nude show for us this year it seems... who knows next year? they rejected me once for another show, couple years ago. but i was kinda expecting since i was just starting in this painting thing, so, it worked as an experience. :)


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