Thursday, December 30, 2010

end-of-the-year updates

hope everybody had a nice Christmas/Hanukkah/Yule. mine was better than expected, thank you. in general i am not very Christmas friendly, but when you have a child things have a different light. and this year they really had.

i've been posting stuff on this blog with an amazing slowness, sometimes days or even weeks after they actually happened. to tell the truth, the last couple months have not been easy, emotionally speaking, and since i am so good in letting the emotional interfere with everything else, things can go downhill easily if i don't stay strong. so, let's see here what i have been wanting to show you:

1. O Fortuna. i finally completed the first painting. it is called The One Who Kissed the Heart of The Earth, it is 24 x 30 inches, made with acrylics + watersoluble graphite pencils + white pastels on gessoed masonite board + blood and sweat. it is very different from everything i have done before, and i really really liked the result. the most fun is that most of what i had planned before and could not achieve "rationally" came naturally and intuitively, like the medieval feel. i don't consider it complete yet. i have nine more pieces to go and during the process something new might arrive that i will add to all the pieces to create unity.

some details:

O Fortuna: The One Who Kissed the Heart of the Earth

O Fortuna: The One Who Kissed the Heart of the Earth

O Fortuna: The One Who Kissed the Heart of the Earth

O Fortuna: The One Who Kissed the Heart of the Earth

my camera could not really capture it well. i think this last image is the truest i could achieve. the shot i got from the whole painting (which i don't dare to put in my humble A4 scanner to make into one thousand pieces and them put together on the Photoshop) doesn't do the justice, but is the best i could get so far:

O Fortuna: The One Who Kissed the Heart of the Earth

i really need a good (maybe a semi-professional) camera.

2. another Yemanja painting.  the first huge one still patiently waits for attention, as i have started this 11 x 14 commission:

sometimes, when people cannot afford a piece, or want one that is already been sold, i am more than happy to do a second version, or a variation of that same piece.

3. watercolor illustrations. working with acrylics on board made me crave watercolor on paper again. so i did a couple pencil illustrations to decompress. (see next posts)

wishing you all a great New Year's filled with Blessings and much inspiration... i am very grateful to all of you  for the love and incredible support during all the year of 2010. count on me. Love to All!


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