Tuesday, February 14, 2012

new logo and Tasty show

for ages I have been trying to design myself a logo. it has always sounded to me a bit of a shame that, being a designer myself, i have never been able to build a proper symbol that could identify my own work. i tried different symbols and totems but none of them felt so perfect as an old item of my personal iconography: the butterfly.

butterflies are associated to my Sun sign, Gemini, and to the element Air, which, along with element Water, rules my horoscope. my own name, Ariel, reminds of Shakespeare's character in "The Tempest", a spirit of the air. i have been drawn to butterflies since the formal beginning of my career as a visual artist, not only for its beauty, but mainly for its powerful meaning of transformation and rebirth, things i have experienced very intensely since the big milestone that was my coming to the United States. i also wanted the symbol to have some influence of occult imagery to celebrate my ties with the esoteric. and that's what i got:

my logo

it is the first time i feel totally comfortable with a symbol, maybe because it resonates so deeply with my own  energy and character.


new artworks for sale at Tasty Gallery, in Seattle, as part of the "Girls Gone Wild" show. unfortunately i got sick at the opening day and missed the buzz [and the booze.] here they are, hanging beside artworks by Laurie Kavanaugh McClave, Lea Barozzi, Redd Walitzki, and other talented Washington chicks.

excepting for Bleu and Interior, pieces were not officially released yet, what is going to happen soon. i am always in a hurry preparing shows around here and barely have the time for decent scans and releasing the pieces on the web, but they are already available for purchase here.


by the way, i am solemnly refusing invites for shows before May. because i have been overwhelmed with shows since i stepped on Seattle (four in only six months,) i have not had the time to mature anything i have been working on lately, and my top goal for this year is to really improve my technique and kick ass. also, i need to rebuild my inventory with some decent pieces. patience.


Tammie Lee said...

congratulations on finding and creating your emblem or logo! It is wonderful and looks a bit old worldly to me, which i love.
wishing you wonderful success with all your shows and kicking ass! ;-)

Linda Hensley said...

Love the butterfly!


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