Sunday, April 15, 2012

Just married.

my apologies for failing on posting the last Drawing-a-Day pieces (thanks for your comment, Jennifer!), but the last weeks has been really crazy hectic. reason: i am moving to another city, and i have nothing less than FOUR client's projects in progress. the move, although planned for a while, happened a little fast and i could not predict that all the process would be so time consuming. for a person without a car, a 5 year old, and no baby sitter, things tend to be a little more complicated than usual. on the top of all that, a strong cold stole my energy for three days. i lost track of my stuff, the commissions ended up overlapping because they were scheduled to start on certain days of the month, and i am now trying to juggle all the projects at once. i said once that i have the best clients in the world, and i must repeat: I HAVE THE BEST CLIENTS IN THE WORLD. they have been fortunately amazingly patient and understanding. the Drawing-a-Day pieces will come, although in a sort of schizophrenic way, at least for the next couple weeks -- i have a lot of packing/unpacking to do!

the new home is a loft in an artist's building in the lovely city of Everett, about 25 miles North of Seattle. dozens of artists live and work in this building, many of them with their families. there are art walks every month, a gallery in the lobby, and an art center in the first and second floor of the building. i am so blessed for being now a part of this wonderful community.

Isobel all excited spinning and rolling around the floors.

My marriage with the arts, a commitment since childhood, has finally gone official. :) 


Janine said...

Sorry, we never did get together and that I didn't live closer I would have babysat for you! Didn't know you didn't have a car. Happy for your move to Everett, love it up there! Hope you feel better soon!

Jennifer Ford said...

I am pleased to hear that you have just been really busy. What an exciting place that community will be to live. I sincerely hope it all goes well for you and look forward to reading your blog in the future. Take care.

artistamyjo said...

Looks like a devine place to live & work !

Linda Hensley said...

Wishing you much happiness in your new home. Sounds like a blast. I hope you're feeling better so you can enjoy it.

Tammie Lee said...

I am so happy for you.

I wish you days that feel wonderful to you.
Blessings that bring you joy.
Success that thrills you.
Warmly !

Rusted Wings said...

sounds like a perfect place for you both to thrive!
continued inspiration and blessings!!!
warm hugs,


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