Monday, August 13, 2012

The Mirror Pond

The Mirror Pond
Colored pencil, pencil and golden acrylic on bristol
14" x 18"

Copyright Patricia Ariel



Amalia K said...

Your work is incredible as always! Being a Pisces, this one really speaks to me.

Sasha Fitzgerald said...

Wow, stunning detail in her hair. It must have taken ages to draw all of those lines. I love the bits of colour in the fish too. Lovely work!

- Sasha

Julia Inglis and Tony Esta said...

I can't wait to receive her Patty, she is going to have a very special place, thank you for sharing your beauty xx

Introverted Art said...

Patricia, brasileira tb!!! Beijos. Love the art just beautiful.

Andrew Piller said...

What a pint? Is it possible for human?

I am surprised to see this paint.

Photo Retouch said...

Is it possible? I am not sure on this photo. But it's really a fun photo. Thanks for share this.


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