Monday, March 4, 2013

welcoming March, with a last show and a new shop

so February is gone, and i am glad, because it was a bit of a tough month. in February i prepared 2 shows that i am not exactly proud of, since by getting sick for so long i missed precious days and could not produce much. not kidding: i had exact 4 episodes of mild fever in 30 days (the last one was gone yesterday). but during the breaks i managed to produce a few pieces free of the deadline oppression, and they flew the way they should, and i thought that i should give myself a break from shows until i move back to the Midwest, this Summer.

my last show as a Seattle area artist is happening now at the Red Raven Gallery, in Port Townsend, WA, managed by the awesome Laurie MacClave, to whom i am very grateful for her infinite patience and good humor. it happened that the works were not delivered on time for the opening reception, last Saturday, thanks to the inefficiency of the postal service. luckily i was not the only featured artist and the event could happen, but i was appalled. some artists friends cannot believe how i still rely on the USPS to deliver art, but the truth is that, in 4 years, i never had problems like that when i had to opt by them. anyway, the works made it, and are in display at the Red Raven (click here to know which ones are available), so please contact the gallery in case of interest.

Medicine, pencil and acrylic on panel, 8" x 10", on display at the Red Raven Gallery. Pretty much sold, even before gaining the wall.

i have also decided to migrate my online store to, a fun mix of Etsy and Big Cartel, and say goodbye to my shops at Etsy and E-crater - that has served me so well all these years, but that unfortunately does not seem to have had much attention from its developers lately. patience while i work on new originals... but for now you can find my awesome Modo Arte journals available for purchase, and in super limited stock, so, better hurry!

Witness journalDuality journal
Persephone journalThe Divine in Me journal

almost forgot: store here.


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