Monday, April 22, 2013

It's alive!

so today, our Mother Earth Day, the project Changing Woman finally came alive. i worked on it for weeks, and this last week i kept myself busy polishing it and finishing the last details and replanning the budget. it is a weird, but at the same time exciting feeling of jumping into unknown territory. i had experiences with fundraising before, out of the internet and for much smaller philanthropic projects, but nothing with that level of involvement and commitment.

it is simple as that: i am now tied up to this project from head to toe for at least the next 18 months of my life. of course i will be doing non-CW works along the way - personal projects and commissions - but most of my production will be dedicated to the women that will courageously and generously giving me a bit of their lives and feelings so that others can feel less lonely and think that, hey, they can be that kind of heroines too.

i am happy with the possibility of tapping into these women's lives. i have already received a few stories and i   am being careful not to let them grow too much inside for now. when my fascination with the human being meets art making i see a whole world of symbolic meanings unfolding that are at one time overwhelming and strangely addictive. i have so much to learn from these women and so much to absorb from their tears and their hopes.

with this project i am also hoping to tap into a work of helping healing the Divine Feminine on our Earth. i truly believe that artists are shamans and that we have the power to send out whatever we are putting our energies and efforts into at the moment of the art making. so i am already delighted with the perspective of dedicating myself to this work that is the very purpose of my Earth journey.

so, i have 45 days of fundraising ahead of me and i will need all help i can get to spread the word around. so if you have a few minutes to spare, consider taking a look at my Indie Gogo page here. i think the perks are pretty sweet because they will be produced exclusively for the campaign funders, so i will do my best to create really beautiful and neat stuff. the project's webpage is also up and running with more info, art, and the project's updates. and we also have the Zazzle store, a second alternative for fundraising.

this is my fundraising video. of course i am not a film maker, and have no notion of lighting or movie edition or any of these valuable things to know in times like these, so that's what i could get, and with all my camera fright, accent, and self-consciousness, i actually think it is not that bad. i think it is getting the message across at least, and the folks on Facebook have been immensely kind and supportive.

so, that's it... it is alive. please help spread the word. i am very thankful.


Marg Thomson said...

Thank you so much for this inspiring, compassionate and very real video, Patricia. It is so lovely to be able to see you and hear you - your passion for this project shines brightly. Good fortune with your venture.
Love and Blessings

Sasha Fitzgerald said...

A beautiful video Patricia, and what an inspiring project. As the woman above said, your passion really shines through. Best of luck to you! :)

- Sasha

Patricia Ariel said...

thank you so much Sasha and Marg! the journey is only beginning... can't wait to see where my ship will sail to... much Love!


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