Sunday, June 2, 2013

Catapult feature and new blog

after almost 5 years of Blogspot, i am getting established also here:

i am a big fan of Tumblr's flexibility, in how i can upload photos of my process from my phone via Instagram, keeping the blog always updated with fresh images. it is also a fantastic platform for artists who wish to promote and share their images, since they can spread like wildfire. i have also managed to migrate all my content from here to Tumblr totally hassle free.

if i am leaving Blogger for good? not yet. and not sure when, or if i ever will. Blogger is a great publishing tool, and i intend to keep posting texts and announcements here, but the flow of images on the Tumblr blog will surely be more intense. so, don't forget to check it out once in a while. :)


June had a lovely start, with an anticipated birthday gift: a feature on Catapult Art Magazine!! yaaaaayyyy!!

and you can read the whole mag for limited time here:

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