Friday, July 5, 2013

Changing Woman on USA Projects

A couple days ago the Changing Woman Project launched the second phase of its fundraising on USA Projects, a non-profit grantmaking organization created to help artists succeed in their art projects. USA Projects is totally committed with the advancement of the arts, and every artist/project goes through a screening before being accepted. I myself had to tweak the project text and video about three times before it was finally ready to meet their guidelines, but it was all worth it. Now the project is live and open to accept donations, which are totally tax deductible. All donors receive a tax receipt immediately after they make their donation online.

USA Projects also works in an “all or nothing" system, which means that funds are received only if final goal is reached. I decided to keep the goal in its minimum this time since having the whole budget met is not really a priority right now. Funds must come gradually to meet the project’s ongoing needs though, and I will start as many campaigns as necessary until the goal is met.

Like in the first campaign, exclusive perks are available for all donors, from postcards and posters to limited edition art zines, prints, and hard-copy books. $4,000 USD donations will take home one of the project’s original artworks. All sponsors will win a digital version of the Changing Woman art book. Here is the campaign page:

And here's the new video (I continue having camera fright):


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