Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Basic Drawing Online Workshop!

I am excited to announce that on the September 18th I will be starting teaching my first online drawing workshop! It is a five-session workshop with weekly classes, presented on blog format, designed for beginners and intermediate artists. That will not be a simple “buy my classes and learn on your own” package, it is an interactive workshop where you can exchange information and insights with your fellow virtual classmates, and get personalized orientation by me, by email or Skype. So, basically, you will have: access to the class materials (text, images, videos), at any time, for as long as you need; access to a Yahoo list created specially for the workshops, where you can interact with me and the other students, and upload images of your progress for evaluation; personal guidance by me whenever you need it. The whole workshop costs $100, and there are only ten spots available, so, run! You can grab more information and take a look at a sample class here.

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