Monday, January 12, 2009

unfinished projects.

I wanted to show off two of the paintings I've done (and have not finished yet) after all the experimentation I've been through. in these paintings abstractionism started to become very evident as a style. I don't know if they really lack something, I'm going to check them out more carefully in a near future.

Flourish is about to let your talents and everything strong and positive inside you to come out and make of you a reference and inspiration for everybody else. simply as that. so many people are so talented but hide their potential afraid of intimidating the ones that are supposed to be not that "special"... they do not suspect that they would give the others the"permission" to flourish also! it's also a message for the people that believe they have nothing to offer: try to leave accommodation, self-pity, self-denial or whatever negative emotion or opinion you have about yourself outside your door. believe in me, nobody is here for nothing. you are a co-creator and a very important part of the Universe. so, assume this position and start seeking for your light inside. flourish!

Totem #1 is the first of a series of pieces that represent an animal being attached to a human figure, like if they are part of a same body. they can also be animal totems, if you prefer. the Totems carry also a very simple concept: our deep attachment to Nature as one single thing. in those pieces, I intend to make the human head always black and white and naturalist, while the animal is colorful and filled with abstract shapes.

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