Sunday, January 25, 2009

a break for not very happy reasons.

things are not going very well here. my little daughter suffered a domestic accident and got very hurt. sorry, but I won't give many details, just want to say that was sort of serious and a really really hard time. after nearly 3 days in the excellent UK Children's Hospital, where she had exemplary treatment, we could finally come back home with hopes that the worse has already passed. after all that happened I must say that it is a miracle to have my baby with us doing as well as she can be right now. I thank God and all the good spirits and entities of light that have been taking care of us during these difficult times, giving us hope and strength. I may spend some days without touching my brushes since she needs full time attention now, and I appreciate all the vibrations of health and prayers that can be sent to us for her full recovery. may the Supreme Intelligence of the Universe bless us all.

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