Monday, February 2, 2009

back to walk.

the days pass by and the pain gets minimized. what is fear becomes hope, and while the bad remembrances go fading we become more confident. my little one is recovering amazingly well, I must say. in the days that followed the accident she was already full of life, playing and running around the house - and making us crazy with fear that something bad could happen again. I spent almost one week with uncomfortable, unpleasant kind of post traumatic stress emotions.

but today I grabbed my brushes to try to complete Ascension - which is not being an easy task. I also managed to make a logo for the studio and to organize my to-do lists and projects. tomorrow I must give the last retouches in a portraiture project. yes, it's life and normalcy smiling to me again, and I'm very thankful.

Image: Corbis

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