Tuesday, April 14, 2009

busy bee.

I've disappeared for a while for being involved in my new website development, which hopefully I will be able to upload tomorrow. it gave me a little more trouble than I expected, not really for the "technical" part but more for the layout. it did worth the while, I really liked the results. I'm also organizing La Etherea Officina, my official store for direct sales of originals, prints and portraiture. I also have a new mailing list, and if you want to sign in in order to get informed about recent works and other novelties you are totally welcome. members will be granted 15% off their first direct purchase and at each season I'll be raffling a gift - a print, a small original or something else. the only problem is that, at this moment, the raffles will be restricted to US members due to the international shipping costs. but if you live in another country and are willing to pay the shipping, just send me your name and I'll include you in the raffle list.

that's it... back soon!


Susan Rodio said...

Hi, I just started following your art here, you were on my LJ list and I realised you moved here. Your art is amazing!

Ariel. said...

oh, thanks, Susan!!! you're very welcome here! your lovely art has been familiar to me for a while. I also loved your blog, I'm adding it to my list of favorites.


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