Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Waterman: Ignis Aeris

The Waterman: Ignis Aeris

Ignis Aeris
(Second panel of "The Waterman" triptych)
Watercolor and pencil on illustration board,
15 x 20


...Of the Sea said...
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...Of the Sea said...

That's stunning.
I love the warm colours. You and your family are blessed that you have such a gorgeous talent. I love the way you're passionate about your work, I hope to find a real passion of mine soon...really soon.

Seeing as you know a lot about art, my mum saw this picture once, it was of about seven horses running free, with their hair whipping about and all. Do you know any pictures like this on the internet? If you can help me out, please do :).

Hope you had a good weekend.

Ariel. said...

hey sweetheart, thank you for your thought, it's really heartwarming. you know, not all the families understand very well or find it a "blessing" when somebody related to them has an artistical talent of sorts. I think that the artists whose families do should be really grateful for that. you see, I've been doing art throughout my whole life and, excepting for my mom, never had real support, most usually people tried to discourage me on pursuing my dreams and try something more "normal"... today I got a lot of support from my hubbie and I'm very thankful for that.

I'm sure you'll find your "passion" at some point of your life. try to know and understand yourself, this is the starting point for all the rest. I've been noticed in a lot of people that things that interested us the most in very early age end up being our real path in life, it's like we unconsciously know what we are born for.

about the horses pictures, I've seen many, but I don't really remember if I've seen something like you describe. sounds like something made in the 19th century to me. anyway, I'll check on my art history books.

Regina Milone said...

Lindíssima pintura, Patricia!!!!
O fogo transformador, alquímico... as borboletas... Muito intenso! Como vc... :o))

Pearl said...

You're so inspiring!
Thanks for looking the horses up :)
I really wanted to get my mum a painting for Mother's Day. But I didn't have time, due to ridiculous school commitments. Sucks, I know. I guess I'll have to settle for flowers or brekky in bed.



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