Monday, May 4, 2009

business cards, chinese brushes and the meaning of life.

my business cards arrived today, and I am again very impressed with the quality of the job delivered by PsPrint (no, I'm not gaining anything for marketing them, I just think that a good work deserves to be spread.) the only negative thing was entirely my fault: I think that my data got too small and too light, and sort of lost amidst the art. sigh.

again, my camera and its "wonderful" macro don't make justice to the stuff, but you can have an idea. I wanted that the card could show samples of my work, them I used details of some paintings on the color side and my now sort of symbolic dragon on the black and white side, along with my name, email and website address.

here are the file samples (with bleedings):


and seriously, how could I live for so long without Chinese bamboo brushes?????

they are designed for sumi-e painting, and provide such a fluidity to the lines that makes them appear lighter and with more movement. I totally recommend those brushes if you are into a lot of spirals, waves and ornamental patterns, like I am. they are also cheaper than regular brushes and hold a lot of pigment. just one thing turned me off, I think that the brush "body" or holder is not that strong, it appears that you have to be a little more careful when using it, or it may break apart. but that's probably a matter of brand, I'm not sure. anyway, I'm happy with my new set of Chinese brushes and can't wait to explore their possibilities.

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