Wednesday, September 23, 2009

sneak peak at the workspace

i love to see other artists' workspaces but was never able to show mine. when I was pregnant I had to transform my studio room into a nursery. as a result, I've been in a kind of limbo, setting up my stuff anywhere I could work in. our house is not very big and the basement and attic are just inhabitable. finally I set up everything in a corner of the dining room. with time I was needing more and more space and taking over the dining room like a disease; finally the dining table was occupying a minimum space in a corner. so last Monday I decided to officialize my conquest. I covered the cheesy wallpaper stripe (left as a heritage of my hubbie's first marriage) in white, put some shelves on the walls, and in less than a couple days I had a decent workspace, worthy to show off. with time I'll be adding more colorful details, plants, and other stuff I like. :)

drawing/painting corner (she had to be in the picture.)

computer corner. a shelf on the wall works as a place for my laptop. goth tendencies in the Bauhaus poster I love. old hubbie's English style chair was going to the trash, so I rescued it and covered with a throw. I don't really like the chair since I'm not fond of big and museum-like things, but I decided to keep it for being really comfortable. I'll probably make it a funky cover in the future.

the shelves.

the shelf with my art supplies, finished and half-finished paintings are by the other wall; the view is not very nice so I decided not to show it. the dining table? it is squeezed in a corner of the room. we don't really need a lot of space for meals. :P


and since too much work made me forget my manners these last days, I'd like to thank to all the new followers for finding me and joining the blog. also, many thanks for all the ones that took the time to leave comments. many blessings to all! 


Jasmine said...

You have a very neat workspace. I have no official workspace of my own but have recently put up shelves in the music room to house my sewing machine and bags of wool, but I'm afraid I'm still infecting every room in the house...

Ariel. said...

it's good to have our own workspace, with our own energy and an inspiring atmosphere. mine is not the ideal yet (need more isolation) but while I cannot afford something better, I think I got a pretty decent one so far :)

Lolla said...

haha, sua filha é uma bonequinha! adorei a idéia de usar uma prateleira para o computador, é bem menos intrusivo assim.

Ariel. said...

Lolla, a idéia da prateleira, se não me engano, peguei no seu blog! achei bem melhor que uma mesa, pois ocupa espaço praticamente zero e quando eu cansar, posso usar a prateleira prá outros fins. teu blog é uma referência ótima. quando puder, posta lá mais idéias legais para escritórios/studios! e não é porque eu sou uma mãe insuportável, não, mas concordo contigo, meu bebê é fofo! :P


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