Monday, September 7, 2009

Tree of Life: second attempt

in a couple weeks I'll be for the third time displaying my work at the Lexington Bluegrass Pagan Pride festival. this year I'll be showing five pieces along with Tammy Wampler and other artists in a show named Web of Life. creation, cycles of life and the Divine Feminine are some of the subjects of the artworks to be displayed in the show. I'm happy for once more collaborating to this beautiful event.

taken by the Pagan spirit, I decided to give another try to my Tree of Life painting. hope the process goes smoother this time and the work gets ready in time for the show.  I was painting the first version when I had my last artistic crisis and decided to stop the job.

board ready to receive the sketch. I kept the same colors of the first version and applied a few layers of watercolor and gouache, allowing them to intermingle. some sprinkles of salt helped to create texture.

transferring the sketch with tracing paper and doing an initial render to have a reference on how the composition is going to develop in that new "environment".

adding the other figures and rendering the tree branches and leaves - which will be peacock feathers.

not sure yet if I am going to maintain the strong lines around the drawing. I'm trying not to lose the "graphic" character of my work, but at the same time I love when the figures kind of merge with the background. as the work develops I hope to have a better idea about what's the best direction.


Jasmine said...

This picture is coming along very very nicely. It reminds me of some pictures we bought from a street artist outside Gaudi's house in Barcelona a few years ago. The pictures were just drawn with a hb pencil on ordinary paper but they were so organic and passionate we couldn't resist them. The picture I have looks at first glance to be the trunk of the tree with branches coming out of it in peculiar angles. When you look closer you see it is a couple in a passionate embrace and kiss.

The Pagan pride festival sounds wonderful. I am Pagan :)

Lesley said...

I often do the same thing - I love the dark, sharp, graphical lines of my sketches but can't seem to resist the muted blends of the paint... This looks beautiful so far.

willow said...

Your artwork is amazing!! What a treat! Thanks for stopping my my blog.

Kat_RN said...

Your picture is quite intriguing. I am looking forward to seeing it complete. I quite enjoyed your blog. Good luck with the show.


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