Monday, February 22, 2010

commissions, prices and vertigo.

Sketch for portrait commission in progress.

in my next video i will be showing the making of a portrait - this one i'm working on right now. it's been a gratifying, very enriching experience, and i'd like to share it. since i started doing the video thing people have been expressing the wish to see something related to my work. by the way, i'm grateful for having the best clients in the world. :)

talking about commissions, by Spring I may slightly raise my prices. i've been already doing this with my new paintings, since acrylics are not as economical as watercolors. i know that many artists charge by the hour, and although i have an hour price set up, i never use it because i care more about having a satisfying result, and  i don't want that a client's budget interfere in my "quality standard". usually i charge for a commission the same price i put on a personal project, but since you don't have the same freedom, that also should have some cost. also, thinking seriously about rejecting any project that has nothing to do with what i usually do or stifle my creativity. seriously, the expression is a bit strong, but i feel like i'm being raped (and the money won't compensate it...) I feel a little bad for saying this,-- if i was starving, i'd do anything!, but, thank goodness, it's not the case. anyway, the raises are not going to be too dramatic.

yesterday was the warmest day in many weeks in Frankfort: 61 F. the snow finally melted away and Kitty was happy for the gentle sun warmth.

been having episodes of dizziness/vertigo since one week ago. went to the doctor and she found a yucky buildup of ear wax in my ears, which were supposedly pressing the labyrinths and interfering with my body balance. ears are now all clean (ear wash is not as bad as i thought), but the dizziness persists -- although is not as bad as before. taking some time to see what will happen.


A mermaid in the attic said...

Hi Patricia, I popped over to your blog from Ruthie's '5 precious things' and wow, double wow! Firstly I LOVE your work, it is truly gorgeous, and secondly I was having a look through pics of your paintings when I suddenly saw a familiar face...Vali Myers! I've been fascinated by her since I saw Ruth Cullen's Doco 'Tightrope Walker' about 18 years ago, wasn't she just the most amazing person?! I went to visit her old studio in Melbourne in 2006, only to find it had closed about a month previously...sigh! Her work has also inspired my own, and many other artists I imagine, so it's great to find another fan!

:) Christina

Ariel. said...

Dear Christina, welcome to my humble space! so nice to meet you! your art is so gorgeous! isn't wonderful that we both have the same love for Vali? I was introduced to her by a close friend of hers in Melbourne. it was love at first sight, i almost immediately connected to Vali's strong energy and amazing personality. i just HAD to paint that tribute!

A mermaid in the attic said...

I would SO have loved to meet her... but I didn't realise she'd come back to Australia until after her death (I would have made a special trip to Melbourne just for the chance!). I can only imagine what it must have been like to be in the same room with her...sigh!


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