Thursday, February 4, 2010

when s*** happens

here's a lesson for everybody who has rambunctious children at home and whose life depend on technological paraphernalia: keep your kids at least 5 feet away from your stuff. my 3 year old, who's like a bull in a china store, just had to trip over my laptop power cable to cause a disaster. the system was severely damaged. after trying for hours to make things work, I had no choice but to restore the hard drive to the factory state. now I'm here, at the household desktop, bleeding heart, watching while all my stuff is being swept out of my beloved laptop (which is just 4 months old.)

all my stuff includes: loads of pictures (cool moments that will never come back), paperwork, emails, reference pictures for ongoing projects, and... all the material I've been lovingly and carefully composing for my workshops. which means that I'll have to cancel them and return the money to people who have already signed up. how AWFUL is that??


Jasmine said...

Oh I'm so sorry! But on the bright side, only 4 months? You will get those memories back in tenfold. Heres to lots of happiness and magic moments x

P.S., my 3 year old, is just the same.

Aaron Riffo-Christy said...

Sorry to hear this. Rather unfortunate but they say destruction breeds creation. I'm sure some hidden good will come of this.


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