Saturday, May 8, 2010

in a rush

things are pretty crazy around here, folks... i'm rushing to complete the Materia series until next Saturday and feel like a painting machine. not fun, but it is my fault. i could have planned something more simple, but, as a good Scorpio (Moon), i am always taking the complicated way. oh, well. now it's too late to start whining. sorry for not responding the last comments, they are all read and very appreciated! eternal thanks for your encouragement.


2 beautiful features this week:

- the more than awesome Natures Whispers blog, by Jasmine Hazlehurst, on the fantastic Festival of the Trees. she featured one of the wips of my Tree of Life, (never finished because i am a perfectionist bitch, but time is coming.) visit and delight in the fantastic selection of pictures and words Jasmine selected for the post. 

- works + online exhibit featured on The Pink Panther Magazine, publication of the Pink Panther group on RedBubble, dedicated to promote feminism and the work of women artists.

I also have now a permanent gallery at RedBubble, and I am proud. :)


bye-bye Duality:


Water in progress:


Janine said...

Congratulations! You should be in a gallery or two permanently! Now for that coffee table art book!

A mermaid in the attic said...

Goodness, that sounds just like me, I thought that must be a Taurean trait! Congrats on the 'Pink Panther' mag and the online gallery Patricia, I do love the quote on the bottom of the mag about Feminism, it encapsulates very well my notion of Feminism. Can't wait to see 'Water' finished! xx


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