Thursday, May 20, 2010

Solstice Giveaway is back!

Last December, due to the volume of work I was facing and other little complications, I was unable to do my Solstice Giveaway the way I had planned. For the ones who are new to this blog, the Solstice Giveaways are a way I created to show my appreciation to my followers and friends. Twice a year, on Summer and Winter, I will be giving away an original piece, print, or other item. Last year I had the idea of asking for a little donation to each participant, so together we could help an institution or person in need of help. So the giveaway would become more like a raffle.

This time I will be giving away an original piece of artwork, at your choice:

"I am half sick of shadows"
"I am half-sick of shadows"
Watercolor and graphite on paperboard,
9 x 12


Watercolor and graphite on paperboard,
9 x 15

To participate, you just have to purchase one or more e-tickets. Each e-ticket has the symbolic cost of $3.00 USD. The more tickets you purchase, the better are your chances to win. Names will be drawn on June 22nd. Out of the tickets money (after Paypal fees), I'll take the cost of shipping and the rest will go for a "love destination", which is very likely to be already defined.

When I was preparing this post, I received an email from Florida artist Helene Ruiz:

Not sure if you guys are familiar with this story...but i cut and pasted below for u..
if you would like to donate any art supplies for this cause, tomorrow will be a perfect time when u come for the event as Gallery 101 will be;

Gallery 101 will be one of many dropoff locations.We as an art community have the opportunity to give an aspiring young artist the chance to express herself again,while you are at the art store pick up an extra brush,canvas,pad of paper,tube of get the picture,lets show this wonderful girl that we care and want to see her and help her bloom into a great artist.thanks in advance for your donations..

Gallery 101 felt compelled to help a local girl who was nearly killed by a school bully. Josie cannot speak cannot walk and has limited function in her right arm, right hand and right fingers and will require extensive and long-term rehabilitative care, including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. The Gallery is helping the family by volunteering as a drop off point for donations.

Beating victim Josie Lou Ratley to leave rehabilitation center
Josie Lou Ratley with her mother in April.

Josie Lou Ratley -- the Deerfield Beach teenager viciously attacked by another teen -- soon will be released from a rehabilitation center, her family's lawyer announced on Tuesday.
The announcement did not give anymore details about when the 15-year-old will be released. Ratley's mother, Hilda Gotay Ratley, is expected to speak at a news conference Wednesday in Fort Lauderdale.
The teenager was attacked March 17 by Wayne Treacy, who knocked her down and kicked her head repeatedly with steel-toe boots in the bus area of Deerfield Beach Middle School.
Ratley was in intensive care at the Chris Evert Children's Hospital at Broward General Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale, at one point in a medically induced coma.
Ratley left the hospital on April 27 and moved to an undisclosed rehabilitation facility.
Since then, Ratley has been relearning such basic skills as how to talk and how to use her arms.
Treacy, 15, remains in Broward County's main jail, charged as an adult with first-degree attempted murder. Another teen, Kayla Manson, 13, is charged as a principal for allegedly helping Treacy find Ratley that day.
The Miami Herald

I am going to contact Gallery 101 to know what the family needs. At least I intend to send her a big pack of art supplies in our name, knowing how useful art making can be in the healing and rehabilitation of people in Josie's condition. If you'd like to participate, you can buy an e-ticket by clicking on the Paypal button on the right column. Thank you!

Gallery 101:


Jasmine said...

Patricia this a beautiful idea. Being bullied, and so horrifically in this case, at a young age can have devastating impact on adulthood. It is important that this girl knows that we are not just giving blind sympathy, but are feeling solidarity and support for her in anger that people can treat each other so mercilessly. It is not alright to harm others. There are many people in the world that would stand up against this treatment.

I just tried to buy a raffle ticket (who can resist a chance of getting a piece of your artwork!) but I was not able to opt for more than one raffle. Also, there is a P&P charge. Is this right? Let me know and I will buy tickets when this is sorted out.

A mermaid in the attic said...

Wonderful idea, and so very generous Patricia! I've bought 4, hope my small contribution goes some way towards this young girl's recovery. Fabulous paintings, as always, have to a admit to a soft spot for the Lady of Shalott though! :)

Tammie said...

Your generosity with original art is beautiful! And your art is fantastic!

This post made me so sad and uncomfortable. I seem to not have the ability to understand how a person can be so harmful to another person! It is inspiring to see people wanting to reach out and help this young woman and anyone who needs support, love and assistance. Thank you for the inspiration.

Ariel. said...

Hi girls, I very much appreciate your support. I was just preparing the giveaway, still not sure where the donations should be sent to, when i got Helene's email with this shocking story. To me it was a clear answer. I also can't understand how people can be so harmful to each other at such a young age, but surely it has deep roots in the familiar history of those kids. As Jasmine said, it's important to give some positive reassurance to this girl. I don't know how much I'll be able to collect, but I hope we can send her at least a little sunshine. May God/Goddess bless you all!

Tammie Lee said...

I enjoy so much when you share your process and materials with us. I love this portrait, such wonderful depth and feeling in it. I hope it pleases you more and more.

Danialle said...

A week ago I purchased a print of Persephone and have been mesmerized by your art and longing for more paintings for my home. Then I see this beautiful "contest" that supports such a great cause!! You are an amazing artist and person. Thanks for making the world a little better!

I bought 2 tickets, wish I could buy 100 just to help that girl. My goodness, how awful.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

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