Tuesday, June 22, 2010

... and the winner is...

Happy Litha, everyone! I must say that I am very happy with the Solstice Giveaway results, and I am very grateful for your generosity. We raised $90.67 bucks in e-tickets (minus Paypal taxes), which will for sure buy a nice present for our young Josie (just need to find how to make it get to her!)

And the winner is...

Susanne Murray, from United Kingdom!! wepeeeeee!! *popping champagne*

Congratulations, Suzanne!! Please contact me at solstitium@gmail.com and let me know which one of the pieces you prefer and how we can arrange shipping.

Drawing was made using The Hat software. People who bought more than one e-ticket were added to the list more than once, with numbers after their names. To the ones who didn't win, my respect and good luck next time -- and a big THANK YOU!


Tammie said...

how wonderful, congratulations to the winner!

Suzi Smith said...

oooh... i'm amazed & thankful, i so love your work. Strange to see my name like that as i rarely use it in full now...forgot thats what paypal would give you. funny but my birthday is 2nd May & it's no 2. And you raised a good sum to donate too. Will email x


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