Monday, April 18, 2011

back home.

i've been in Seattle WA for 10 days and came back last week. it was a lovely Spring break in an amazing, inspiring city. chances are that i will be moving there in the next few months, so, if you are a Seattle artist and/or crazy visionary and want to socialize or partnering for future projects, let me know! and if you want to hire me for art + design projects or classes, then we should REALLY talk.

in the last days i have been focusing on deadlines and makeovers. my website is finally back, and although temporarily lacking some info and functionalities i would like it to have, is holding all the basic information and the paintings are all there. i will also launch an online store on the site, so people won't need to go somewhere else to buy my originals. things are also changing around here, as you may have noticed. :)

back soon with the latest news.

My baby and me in the Des Moines marina.

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