Tuesday, January 1, 2013

and so it begins...

i know, a turn in the calendar doesn't change much. my philosophy is that everyday is time for a change. or every hour. minute. we are changing every second, even when we do not realize. life is movement and progress, nothing is static.

but i enjoy to add my hopes and wishes of a good year to the millions of similar thoughts that float around the planet ever December/January. we need positivity. and we need lots of them.

i have been out of town since mid December and have not seen a brush or pencil ever since. well, i have a sketchbook on me and a watercolor pad + paint set and pencils. but i have been so busy taking care of a bunch of pending projects and self-promotion, that so far i do not have had a lot of  time to produce any artwork. not mentioning that the lighting here is pretty bad too.

i do not have a lot of resolutions for the New Year but keep making art insanely and passionately. and not let works accumulating as much as i did last year (disaster). i also need  to be more disciplined in my yoga and meditation practice. i have a huge and exciting project for 2013, and hope to be able to officially announce it by the end of January. i have also more products with my art being released this year, and a new show in Seattle coming very soon.

i will be gradually updating my portfolio here. but all my new pieces from the Mythologique series are already on my website. and i finally have a mailing list! you can sign up on the right sidebar to get my updates right on your inbox. subscribers are also granted special prices and little surprises from time to time. :)

thank you so much for your love and support during 2012! may 2013 be an inspiring and magical year for all of us.


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