Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Calling

The Calling

Watercolor, gouache and pencil on board,
11 x 14


The heart has a voice and a music, the same ones your spirit have recognized for many ages. The voice of your heart is the voice of freedom. Through it you'll be able to find yourself and find your inner God. Let that voice be heard, recognize yourself as the creator of your own reality. Put aside all the masks they have made you wear in order to belong to the illusions they created. Don't waste your life living them. Be what you are born to be.


Sandro Freire said...

Caraca cara, simplesmente demais. Gostei muito... só poderia ser vc mesma hein? Kkkkkkk Ariel the mermaid.
I am mesmerized by your art.

Ariel. said...

que bom que gostou, brother! nenhuma opinião importa mais para mim do que a de vocês, velhos irmãos de caminhada. espero não desapontar e sempre trazer boas coisas. que o Senhor continue nos abençoando o caminho!


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