Wednesday, July 29, 2009

daily drug

in progress: The Fallen One

my daily drug has been the work in the new approach of painting, which has opened new doors when it comes to inspiration, but also closed others. as the work has become slightly expressionist, it seems that some of the more clean and graphical elements I used are not matching the painting anymore, and now I am in the search of solutions to represent certain subjects. it's not easy, although is very stimulating and enriching. the idea now is to produce some small works until I get more confident and ready to start bigger projects. and for the ones who have missed the Tree of Life, my plan is to make it again using the same technique, so stay tuned.

in progress: Waving my Heart


ruthie said...

stunning! it is an amazing feeling is it not when new doors of inspiration open. i love the feeling of creativity that takes over & becomes all consuming. I should love to feature you on my faerietale of inspiration blog, as i find your work truly inspiring. would that be okay? ruthie x

Jasmine said...

You work is outstanding. I come across so many artists that I wish to follow but rarely any with a talent to match yours. Your work speaks to me! Finding this blog has brightened my day x

Ariel. said...

Ruthie dear, I totally agree. this is why I named the post "Daily drug": the feeling is so good that causes dependency. you become overwhelmed by the feeling of joy and by all the excitement. :D

to be featured on your blog it would be a honor. thank you so very much!!

Jasmine, welcome!! you are such a sweetheart, thank you for coming. hope you always find my little space enjoyable and worthy to be visited.


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